"Hardcore" exhibition! 2019 China Wool Textile Products Fair staged precision services and efficient docking

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On May 18, under the guidance of China Textile Industry Federation and Tongxiang Municipal Government, co-sponsored by China Wool Textile Industry Association, China Animal Products Circulation Association, Puyuan Wool Sweater Market Management Committee, Zhejiang Huaxin Industrial Group Co., Ltd., China The China Wool Textile Products Fair 2019 (PRIME 2019) co-organized by the circulation branch of the Textile Industry Federation was held in Tongxiang Puyuan, Zhejiang. This exhibition has a new look to enhance the exhibition effect and service experience. Through diversified product display and product matchmaking, it promotes the production and sales connection between upstream and downstream.

Association builds stage

Promote high-quality development

Xia Lingmin, Vice President of China Textile Industry Federation, Chen Shujin, Former Vice President of China Textile Industry Federation, Peng Yanli, President of China Wool Textile Industry Association, Xing Guanlei, Secretary General of the Industrial Cluster Working Committee of China Textile Industry Federation, China Textile Industry Federation Zhang Haiyan, vice president and secretary general of the branch, Ni Jing, executive vice president of China Animal Products Circulation Association, Xue Jiaping, vice chairman of Jiaxing CPPCC of Zhejiang Province, Lu Aichi, deputy mayor of Tongxiang Municipal Government, Shen Zhigang, deputy mayor of Nangong City, Hebei Province, and Qinghe County Government Mayor Han Kai, Secretary of the Party Committee of Dalang Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, Xie Jinbo, Deputy Secretary of the Party Group of Haiyang City, Chairman of Haiyang Knitted Sweater Industry Association, Sun Chengming, Deputy Director of Yucheng Industry and Information Technology Bureau, Duan Yunhong, Ordos East Li Danping, Deputy Director of the Management Committee of Shengke Economic Science and Education (Light Textile Industry) Park; Su Weiming, Secretary of the Party Committee of Puyuan Town, Tongxiang City; Director of the Management Committee of Puyuan Knitting Industry Park; Shen Qifang, Mayor of Puyuan Town Government; Chairman of Zhejiang Huaxin Industrial Group Co., Ltd. Shen Jianhua attended the opening ceremony.

At this exhibition, Dalang Town, Dalang Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, Lutou Town, Nangong City, Nangong City, Hebei Province, Qinghe County, Hebei Province, Xinchang County, Zhejiang Province, Dongsheng District, Ordos City, Inner Mongolia, Shandong Wool textile industry clusters and industrial parks such as Yucheng City, Xizhuangzhuang Town, Xintai City, Shandong Province, and other regions have formed regional brands; Dongguan Textile and Yarn Industry Association, Zhejiang Woolen Sweater Association, Xinchang Wool Textile Industry Association, and Changzhi Town The woollen wool industry association and the important members of the Australian Alpaca Association made their appearances. Representatives from more than 100 woolen raw materials, yarns, fabric companies and industrial clusters from Hebei, Inner Mongolia, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Shandong, Guangdong, Sichuan, Tibet, Qinghai and other provinces and autonomous regions attended the show, focusing on wool and goats. The latest products include special animal fibers and preliminary processed products such as wool, woolen yarns, fabrics, and artificial fur. Not only that, the addition of dyeing chemicals for wool, new materials for wool spinning, and functional fiber R & D and production enterprises also added a lot of bright colors to this trade fair.

In his speech, Peng Yanli said that since 2017, the China Wool Textile Products Fair has emerged at the historic moment under the joint exhibition purpose of “China Industrial Association and Zhejiang Huaxin Group“ Service Industry Cluster, Benefiting SMEs ”. Upstream and downstream companies in the industry have built one of the important platforms for commerce and communication. As the host and operating unit, the Association adheres to the main line of supply and demand for woolen textile products, and strives to build the fair into a regional brand that can assist the industrial cluster in promoting resources, interoperating and coordinated development; assisting small and micro enterprises in growth exhibitions and docking markets; assisting A trading platform for woolen raw materials, yarns, fabrics, and sweater companies to expand their markets. This trade fair attracted industrial clusters and enterprises from all over the country. With the strong support of the circulation branch of the China Textile Industry Federation, more than 100 buyers in the national professional market have professionally docked with the woolen textile companies, driving the upstream and downstream of woolen textiles. At the same time, the integration of enterprises will promote collaborative innovation in the industrial chain and promote the high-quality development of the wool textile industry.

Lu Aichi said that in recent years, the agglomeration advantage of the fashion industry has laid a solid foundation for the new round of development of Puyuan and won a broader space for development. This year is the third time that Puyuan has held the National Wool Textile Products Fair. As the first exhibition of the newly completed World Sweater Expo Center, this fair has a larger scale, higher standards, and wider promotion, attracting and gathering many wool textiles. Industry elite. Through all-round, multi-level, and wide-ranging exchanges and cooperation, the China Wool Textile Products Fair will become a new platform for "service industry clusters, benefiting SMEs," and a new carrier for sharing the fruits of industrial development and promoting the integration of industrial resources. It will become an important development path for Puyuan's fashion industry to become a strong chain and make up for the brand, fashion and internationalization.

In his speech, Su Weiming said that the market turnover of Puyuan in 2018 exceeded 70 billion yuan. Guided by the concept of technology, fashion and green development, Puyuan promoted the development path of “professionalization, digitalization, fashionization, and internationalization” to promote Industrial transformation and upgrading and leap-forward development. The China Wool Textile Products Fair 2019 has integrated various high-quality resources. For three years, it has been serving the industrial clusters, benefiting small and medium-sized enterprises, building interconnected industrial chains, facilitating transactions, and playing an active role in promoting the high-quality construction of the "China's fashion first town".

Shen Jianhua pointed out that through the rich exhibits, exciting activities and diversified displays, this session of the fair will present the elegance of the textile upstream industry chain from multiple angles, promote the communication between upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry, and will definitely promote the innovation of the knitted apparel industry. Play a positive role in development. Zhejiang Huaxin Industrial Group has been committed to the comprehensive development of the knitwear apparel industry chain, actively assumes the corporate responsibility of "precise service industry clusters and efficient docking of SMEs", and takes "cultivation, innovation, service, development" as its corporate purpose and strives to pass the exhibition Promote industrial exchanges and promote industrial development. The already completed World Sweater Expo Center will provide a good display platform for all customers.

At the opening ceremony, the circulation branch of the China Textile Industry Federation co-sponsored the establishment of the "China Wool Brand Commercial Innovation Alliance" in conjunction with major national sweater specialty markets. The alliance will be based on the Chinese clothing emerging brand business alliance, starting from the market and brand, with originality and manufacturing as the core of development, through full interaction and exchange, sharing industrial resources, in business model innovation, brand building innovation, business docking and other aspects Carry out more exploration and cooperation to better create a platform for deep integration and collaborative innovation for sweater companies, and promote the high-quality development of China's wool textile industry.

The opening ceremony of the first exhibition of Puyuan World Sweater Expo Center was also held at the opening ceremony. The World Sweater Expo Center is located in the third phase of Puyuan's Sweater Innovation Park project, which is a key planning project of Tongxiang Fashion Town. Taking the development of fashion town as an opportunity, after the completion of the Expo Center, special tourism with industrial industries will be launched. In conjunction with China Textile Industry Federation and other professional organizations, a national sweater industry exposition will be held to integrate the national high-end knitted apparel industry resources and attract well-known Brand display, presence, and regular fashion trend conferences, incubate and cultivate a number of industry leaders, participate in the formulation and standardization of industry standards, carry out sweater product design display, order negotiation, apparel fashion trend release, advanced clothing machinery exhibitions, etc. Class activities.

Cluster docking

Exploring the development path

During this trade fair, under the bridge of China Wool Textile Industry Association, the relevant persons in charge of Puyuan Town, Tongxiang, Zhejiang, and Dalang Town, Dongguan, Guangdong, sat together to discuss the advantages and priorities of the development of their respective industrial clusters, and jointly study the industry. The development of the cluster, sharing development ideas.

Su Weiming, Secretary of the Party Committee of Puyuan Town of Tongxiang City and Director of the Management Committee of Puyuan Knitting Industry Park, said that Puyuan Town is a highly inclusive town with a complete industrial chain. Puyuan Town is committed to building the first town of Chinese fashion with high quality and building a "world-class knitting market industrial cluster", taking the four paths of specialization, digitization, fashion, and internationalization: specialization is mainly not to give up the knitting industry. Bigger and stronger, and integrated development to solve the problem of off-season; digitalization is to use the concept of scientific and technological innovation to create the sweater industry, in terms of digital investment, increase smart manufacturing investment, the first is the intelligent transformation of clothing factories The second part of the project is to build a digital workshop to reduce labor cost pressures through these measures. Fashionization is to follow the path of fashionable development, transition from warmth to fashion, strengthen research and development design, promote originality, protect intellectual property rights, To establish a brand; in terms of internationalization, Puyuan proposed the internationalization of cities and towns, the internationalization of talents, and the internationalization of industries, gradually moving towards internationalization. Each of the four modernizations must be projected and signed, and for the four modernizations, Puyuan has made a three-year action plan. To what extent each year, it must be reflected in figures and implemented. Next, Puyuan will promote the integration and development of the market, industry, tourism, and culture by implementing the construction of a fashion intelligent manufacturing industry zone, a fashion creative headquarters zone, a market core zone, and an ancient town tourism resort. "In recent years, the courtyard also has a sense of crisis. This crisis is mainly due to the enhancement of the competitiveness of the surrounding areas. The regional competition is very strong. We are thinking, how can we stand invincible in this context? What work does the government have to do and the market? How to guide? This requires us to explore. "Su Weiming said.

Xie Jinbo, Secretary of the Party Committee of Dalang Town, Guangdong Province, said that Dalang Town uses the woolen industry as the pillar industry, mainly the capacity of woolen products and the wealth created, and promoted Dalang Town to be shortlisted in China's Top 100 Towns. In a town that does not produce a single wool, the woolen products produced not only occupy the domestic market, but also have a good reputation in foreign markets. As the main industry of the wool knitting industry, Dalang Town must focus on improving the industrial quality of the wool knitting industry, so as to improve the quality of the wool knitting industry cluster and industrial system, further support Dalang Town to increase the competitiveness of the industry, and further improve the quality of the wool knitting industry. Quality development. At present, Dalang Town should seize the opportunity of development, seek new breakthroughs and new highlights in the Dalang woolen industry, and further polish the business card of "China's Famous Town of Cardigans". First, adhere to and support corporate scientific and technological innovation, and allow technological innovation to lead the woolen industry to further realize product innovation, standard innovation and manufacturing process innovation, and promote the woolen industry to achieve the transformation from "Dongguan manufacturing" to "Dongguan smart manufacturing" and further realize the industry. Transformation and upgrading, and effectively enhance the competitiveness of industries and enterprises. The second is to continue to deepen the reform of the system and mechanism and further rationalize the ecological system of the woolen industry. Focusing on improving the quality of the woolen industry, Dalang Town must further strengthen the support of modern service industries such as market trading systems and financial systems, and provide the high-quality energy that supports the growth of the woolen industry with the growth of the modern service industry system.

Enterprise docking

Seeking win-win cooperation

At the trade fair, many new products and new technologies of well-known companies in the wool textile industry appeared, and they attracted extensive attention from professional visitors from all over the country.

The head of the Australian Alpaca Association said that through the last trade fair, he had more confidence in the Chinese market. Communication through the Alpaca Association ensures that companies can obtain very high-quality alpaca wool. The Australian alpaca wool industry is currently developing gradually. The Australian Alpaca Association has many development plans and a good market like China. It is believed that the Australian alpaca wool industry will have more room for development in the future. At this conference, the Australian Alpaca Association hopes to gain more orders through display and communication.

The person in charge of Xinao shares who participated in the exhibition for the first time said that the fair has established a platform for enterprises to communicate with each other. Based on this platform, upstream and downstream can achieve effective docking and understand the latest achievements of enterprise development.

Shandong Velec Textile & Apparel Co., Ltd. is a large-scale textile and apparel co., LTD. In this exhibition, Velec brought the main product of 2019-shirts with 70% rabbit fur content. According to the person in charge of Velec, currently Velec's shirt fabric can be 100 pieces, washable. In the next step, the development focus of Velec will focus on high-end and high-density.

Qingdao Xinwei Textile Development Co., Ltd. is exhibiting with cashmere iterations, iterative polyester and elastic fibers. According to Wang Zunyuan, general manager of Xinwei Company, cashmere iterative polyester is the result of decades of research by Zhang Dasheng, a professor at Beijing Institute of Clothing Technology. It has a cashmere feel, polyester can play rationally, natural hydrophilicity, high moisture regain, cooling dyeing, cooling The characteristics of stereotypes, meanwhile, also have the main characteristics of better antistatic, improved anti-pilling performance, energy saving and environmental protection.