Guangxi accelerates transformation and upgrading of textile industry

2019-12-16 17:18:59 浙江艾诺纺织科技有限公司 Viewd 336

At the beginning of 2019, in the Qinzhou Petrochemical Industrial Park on the bank of the Northwestern Gulf of Guangxi, the Huayi Qinzhou Chemical New Materials Integration Project is in full swing. The total investment of this project is about 22.8 billion yuan. It will mainly produce new chemical materials such as ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer and acrylic acid, which will drive the development of surrounding industries such as clothing and building materials.

Since last year, Guangxi has paid attention to the introduction and expansion of leading enterprises, gathered projects to build industrial clusters, and helped related upstream and downstream related supporting companies "bring together." At the same time, Guangxi has stepped up policy support, encouraged enterprises to carry out technological transformation to promote product upgrades, concentrated funds to support major industrial projects with large investment scale, strong momentum and good returns, and accelerated implementation of projects through centralized investment. Among them, the implementation of 100 traditional industry transformation projects, focusing on promoting the development of textile and other industries, deep processing and comprehensive utilization of resources, petrochemical, non-ferrous industries and other industries to extend the industrial chain and implement green transformation, to achieve traditional superior industries to improve quality and efficiency and transform and upgrade. For example, Fumian District, Yulin City, Guangxi Province introduced the Zhongtao Environmental Protection Group to build the first professional environmental protection demonstration park in Guangxi, taking the lead in solving the environmental protection bottlenecks of clothing printing and dyeing; starting the construction of an ecological textile and garment industrial park based on the idea of "filling the chain" and complementing In the textile and garment manufacturing sector, a garment industry cluster that is moving towards the output value of 100 billion yuan is quickly gathered.